Monday, January 17, 2011

Eagles on the Platte

Here's an eagle report from this last weekend as written by Blake Hatfield...

We got to J2 (Lexington Power station) about 9am and the most we could count at one time there was 26. That is one of the better counts at j2 for a long time for me. We left j2 around 10am and started following the Platte river on the on the south side (of the Platte) till we got to Kearney. This is were we stopped counting. Here is a list of what we kept track of. Bald Eagles= 53 Rough-legged Hawks = 17 American Kestrels = 5 Red-tail Hawks = 3 Northern Harriers = 3 Great Horned Owls = 2 Great Blue Herons = 2 and about 300 Turkeys. We didn't keep track of the other birds, but several different species were seen. It was a pretty fun day.

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For more info on Eagles in the area, you can click to this previous post on the Green Shoe Diaries. Volunteer Connie McCartney led another eagle viewing group with similar success. Connie did mention that they were slowed up a bit by a big breakfast that they stopped for in Kearney!

The video is Director Brad Mellema (thats me) on the NTV morning program talking about the same.

Part 1

Part 2

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