Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Sides of a Prairie

A couple of weeks ago, volunteers and I removed the hot fence separating the cattle grazing/non grazing areas on our prairie. Quite the difference, especially considering grazing stopped on the right side of the above photo just last May.

Question: Which side best depicts how an ideal prairie tract should look?

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Monday, November 22, 2010

November Newsletter is hot off the press!

You can link to a copy of the newsletter here.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Talking about some of our books with NTV's Good Life.

I had a chance to go on NTV's Good Life program this morning and chat about several of the books we have available in our Crimson Crown Gift Shop. I also highlighted how people can rent a room from the Nature Center for their event. Funds received help us to operate the educational programs held at the Center!

Karine Gil performed on the same program and you can see her video here.

NTV "Good Life" program

Our friend Dr. Karine Gil, who is an ecologist at the Crane Trust appeared on the NTV Good Life program with her piano music which is also available in our gift shop.


Christmas song performed:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska.

The sandhill cranes of the North American central flyway are making their way south from their nesting grounds in Canada, Alaska and Russia this time of year. They will pass through Nebraska but usually don't spend much time here unless the weather dictates. They are headed south to the wintering grounds in Texas, Mexico, New Mexico and other places where they will stay until the urge to migrate north hits in February or March 2011.

We get a lot of questions about viewing the cranes in the fall, but it's much more difficult to find them in the fall. (See this article that Dan wrote last week) Sandhill cranes are here, and do use the Platte River and surrounding areas, but they don't spend the extended time like they do for the spring portion of their yearly migration cycle.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Women's Expo in Grand Island.

We will host a booth at the Heartland Women's Expo held at Fonner Park in Grand Island this week. Why? Because we want to meet people, also what we earn from our gift shop helps to provide the funds that operate our Center! I would like to invite you to stop by our table and say hello. We offer some very unique gifts including Crane Viewing Tours!

This is right across from were the state high school volleyball tournament will be held this year. So if your team is in the big tourney, walk across the parking lot to the west to the Expo building from the State Fair.

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