Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heartland RV'ers Volunteer For a Day

We had the local chapter of the Heartland RV'ers stop by for a day of volunteer work at the Center. They were able to clean, count, repair, straighten, cook and even do windows to prepare the building for the now eminent "crane season". We started the day with a program and had sloppy joe's for lunch. This type of help is invaluable to the operation of an organizations such as this. This is also a re-connect of sorts. The same group spent time in the past volunteering at the Center when it was Crane Meadows. Of the group today, half had never been here before. Most are local people and I couldn't be more pleased that they are able to find out about us and hopefully tell their neighbors about what we are doing.

If you are interested in volunteering, just give us a call so we can connect you with a training and you can join in the fun! Just fill out the form and send it to Vicki or drop it by the Center.

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