Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trails, Light and Leaves

It seems that there are about a dozen days each year in Nebraska that are just the right mix of temperature, humidity and wind that make for what I call a perfect day. I think today is going to be one of those days.

We're hosting a group in our board room today. They are all settled in and that gave me a chance to walk our Platte River Trail this morning. As I was helping to get things ready, a quick glance out the windows that face to the south east, I could see the sunlight off of the indian grass that is growing just outside the door.

I grabbed my camera and was in a quest to capture a grasshopper's shadow shot through a leaf. The grasshoppers were not cooperating, but I did have fun capturing the light through the leaves. The trail that heads out is a fabulous place to walk with a camera or binoculars in hand. It is paved and is handicapped accessible all the way to the set of foot bridges that cross the north channel of the river. The trail is open seven days a week from dark to dark and there is no cost. You can access the trail through the gate at the east end of the parking lot for after hour access. I hope you'll stop by sometime soon and get out on the trail!

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